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Superheroes! by Mind Map: Superheroes!

1. Given a choice that would appear to be tougher and be more difficult than the other to accomplish, but would ultimately be more satisfying and be quicker than the other. Perhaps if a team chose the other clue, they would have to back track and come back to this clue.

2. Given a choice that would appear to be the best decision for the welfare of their team at the time. This would ultimately be the wrong decision and would lead to some kind of bad consequence. (Similar to how Tony Stark thinks he is doing good by supplying weapons, but then finds out he is wrong when they are being used by terrorists.)

2.1. Remember from Princess Mononoke: Your power is what will kill you - I think that could be heavily stressed in the Iron Man leg of the journey.

3. if both teams get to this clue at the same time, they are told that only one team can move on and that they have to decide among themselves. if one team decides by themselves that they can move on, then they are thrown off track. if one team allows the other to move on, the former can skip a clue and the latter can move on normally. if neither can decide, they can both move on.

3.1. Must open up to someone and learn to trust him/her, basically learning to get along with others and not try to start conflicts with everyone...dont know how this could actually be done, but...

4. Give them some sort of power, like the ability to help another team. Solve a riddle. If they get it right, they can use the clue to go ahead, or they can use the clue to help another team behind (spiderman can choose his own life or a life dedicated to helping people?) Riddle: A senior's day starts and ends with her smile, find this goddess, say namastay, and stay awhile. when they find Julie Miller, she will give them their choice of continuing, or letting another team move on and them getting another clue that prolongs them.

4.1. If they choose this, here's what would happen

4.1.1. they get a letter that sends them back to the same spot, until they do the right thing.

4.2. Regardless, it needs to something that can change the way they go about their day (spiderman), be used against them (ironman), used for personal gain (wolverine), can harm others if line is crossed/abused (batman), can blend back in (incredibles)

4.3. If they decide to go on their way

4.4. Brainstorming possible abilities: Can turn off the lights in any classroom without penalty, can sit on the floor in any class, can park in any spot in the morning, can cut any line,

4.5. If they choose this, here's what would happen

4.6. They get a note that says 'prize'. on the inside it says 'if you expected to receive something for your actions, you have been deceived. kindness does not have to be repaid. but you feel better, don't you?'. the team that is helped out will get a note saying to hug each member of the team that helped them.

4.7. if they decide to help the other team

5. Spiderman

6. Ironman

7. master of two worlds

8. decide to give up powers for compassion, but then get them back

8.1. The trial should have something to do with cherishing their newly acquired/acknowledged powers but being able to accept their role in society. The end of the movie is about knowing when to use your special abilities, and when to conceal them.

9. Batman

9.1. I like the idea that no choice you pick is the "right" one. We need to put them in a situation where they are beyond even finding out what's "less wrong" and really just doing something that has no clear moral value whatsoever, but with choices that seem on the surface as easy right and wrongs. It may be a tad difficult to judge which path is the right one, however...

9.2. Teams could be put in a position in which they must sacrifice a teammate in order for the rest of the group to succeed. Of course, members sacrificed will ultimately reap the same reward as those who continue through journey to the end (but they don't know that). For example, if each member is given a ring at the beginning of the journey (rings = powers), then the carrier of the red ring and the carrier of the blue ring will die in ten minutes. Only one can be saved. Who will it be?

9.3. two teams. one must pick status as "evil" and one as"good". Clues for both the "evil"; team and "good" team are marked "FAIL"; because life isn't pure good or evil. If both teams, "evil" and "good" together ask for the clue, then they pass the challenge smoothly.

9.4. All things considered, I think it will be very difficult to model a task off of the Dark Knight and also to involve a Batman power, especially since Batman has no power but intelligence and the rare outburst of something other than vengeance. So, I think we may just want to operate within the realm of moral dilemmas in general, and not allowing the desire for success block the path to success. We should give each team a clue, saying "This card contains the other team's clue, and their card contains yours. DO NOT let this card fall into their hands, especially since you just gained the clue to lead you to the better prize." Then one card says something like "Water fountains are the key to success. What you are looking for is in SAC" and the other says "2. That is where you need to go. Find the nearest water fountain." One team will go to the water fountain in SAC, and one should go to the water fountain nearest to room 2. They both have cards signifying a dead end. But, if they cooperate, and disobey the DO NOT, they get the whole message, they go to SAC 2, and find the right message there.

9.4.1. Also there should be some sort of talk in the beginning about keeping your team's clues and adventures top secret, or else it might ruin the game for everyone. That way they will definitely be breaking a rule of the game and the DO NOT on the card.

10. Wolverine

10.1. Must sacrifice someone/something he loves for the good of all (like how Wolverine killed Jean Grey at the end of X3 to stop her from blowing everyone up)

10.2. wef we fuyv wef

11. The Incredibles

11.1. The Middle way: All the challenges/powers the have gotten to use so far need to be alluded to. We need to test if they will use them in excess, use them at all, or use them in MODERATION.