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Cells and Cell Division by Mind Map: Cells and Cell Division
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Cells and Cell Division

Cell Structure and function

Plasma Membrane

Controls movement of molecules

Molecules give cell molecular identity, genetically determined, responsible for important cell properties.

Encloses Cytoplasm


Water with proteins, salts and sugars

Cytoskeleton=Microtubules and microfilaments shaping and supporting to cell

Contains organelles

Organelles (little organs)

Endoplasmic Reticulum: Smooth in lipid synthesis rough involved in protien synthesis

Golgi Complex: Sorts, chemically modifies and packages protiens from rough ER

Lysosome: digests materials

Mitochondrion: gives cell fuel through breakdown of glucose to make ATP

Nucleus: contains genetic info that controlls cell structure and function

Nucleolus: where RNA for protien synthesis is made

Cell Cycle


Grow and carry out life functions for survival

Non-Reproductive Stage

May stay in interphase for individuals life span


cells are Reproducing

external signals trigger

preperation for mitosis begins during Interphase where chromosomes duplicate

Goal is to sort chromosomes into 2 identical sets


cytoplsm and cell membrane divide up between two nuclei

cells return to interphase

Significance of mitosis and Cytokinesis

Increases Cell Number

Makes replacement cells

Cancer results when cell reproduction is out of control

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