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2009 ARRL SW Division Convention Ex-Chair - Marvin Johnston, KE6HTS by Mind Map: 2009 ARRL SW Division Convention
Ex-Chair - Marvin Johnston,
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2009 ARRL SW Division Convention Ex-Chair - Marvin Johnston, KE6HTS



Ticket Sales, Admission Tickets, $4,000.00, Raffle Tickets, $5000.00, Pre-sold Food Sales, $1000.00

Fleamarket Spaces, $400.00

Food Sales, $500.00

Indoor Vendors, $1500.00

Donations, $1000.00

Sell Ads in Program, $200.00

Affiliate Income from referral products on Website?

Selling event Pins and Patches, $500.00


Prizes, Main Prize, $1500.00, Secondary Prizes, $1500.00, VE Session, $150.00

Food - Woody's BBQ, Offer Breakfast, Snack/Drink Concessions, Tri-Tip BBQ, Tri-Tips, Beans, Corn, Salad, Garlic Bread, Vegitarian Garden Burgers

Venue, $5000.00, Security, Tables/Chairs Rental, Room Rent, Parking Lot Rental, Garden Room Rental

Electronic Sign, $200/week

Saturday Night Banquet

Marketing, $1000.00

Affiliate Sales Commissions, 5%?, $100.00




Ham related listservers, QRZ, EHam

Google Search, SEO, Adwords Campaign for selected keywords

Social Media Sites



Vendor Ads

Section Club Promotion

Podcasts, Vendors, Speakers, Exhibitors, Participating Clubs, Event Information, Woulf Hong Jargon, Niche events, Transcripts of Padcasts PDFs

Hamfest Program

Sales Page, Admission Tickets, Food Tickets, Vendor Spaces, Fleamarket Spaces, Pins/Patches



"Tell a Friend" button

Forum, Announcements, Buyer/Seller Meetups, General Hamfest Discussion Board, VE Session Q&A


Send to Vendors

Send to Clubs

Available on website

Send to Division Director


ARRL Hamfest Directory

Word 0f Mouth

Swapmeets, TRW Swapmeet, Chino Hills Swapmeet

Club Meetings, Simi Valley Settlers ARC 2/12/2009, Conejo Valley ARC 2/19/2009, Santa Barbara ARC 2/20/2009

SB Section Newsletter

Time Line

Website Online

First Podcast Online

Flyers Completed

QST Marketing Information

Affiliates (participating clubs)

Commission on sales through their site/link


RV Hookups for Vendors/Exhibitors

Up to 50 Spaces, $90.00/10' x 10' space

Must Reserve w/Fairgrounds

$40.00/Night w/Hookups

Parking Lot

FleaMarket, Approx 40 spaces, $10.00 per parking space, Parking Lot by Admin Bldg

Garden Area


Warren Hall

WIFi Access

13,000 Sq Ft Total - Exhibitions/Workshops and Speakers

Approximately 60 Indoor Spaces

2500 Sq Ft Room for Talks

Booth Electrical Power



Joe Moell, K0OV Transmitter Hunting

April Moell, WA6OPS Hospital Disaster Communications

Streaming Video for select talks

Bill Wysock - Tesla


Done at booths in exhibit area

Done at entrance to Warren Hall


Done at booths in exhibit area

Schedule included in Hamfest Program

VE Session CVARC

New Licensees entered into drawing for HT

Try to break ARRL record of 319 people (1987 Dayton Hamvention)

Held at nearby location, not enough available room at the showgrounds

Indoor Vendors


Niche Activites

ARDF - Practice meet Sunday Afternoon




An event not to be forgotten

100 indoor and outdoor vendors

1500 Minimum attendance


Create a Team to make this an ongoing event

Build for next year

Provide GREAT value!


Insurance Requirements

Security Requirements

No. of available indoor booths

Approx 60

No. of outdoor fleamarket spaces

Approx 60

Auditorium for VE Session


Get online newsletter editor

Flyer Designed

Pins Designed/Ordered

Patches Designed/Ordered

Conversion to Division Convention

Get Hotel information

Friday Night dinner

Saturday Night Banquet

Saturday Midnight Wouf Houng

QSL Card Verifications

Pins/Patch design

Dept Heads

Vendors - Dino/Rick Whitaker

Emergency Demonstrations - Michael Ditmore

VE Session - CVARC VE Team





Vendor Information


Extra Table/chair Charges

Booth Size, 10 x 10 incl. table & 2 chairs

Cost/Booth, $90.00


Telephone line available (credit card machines)?


Trash Cans

WiFi Access Included

Donate to Raffle?

Hours of Operation

Setup Hours

Show Hours, FleaMarket - 7AM - 5PM Saturday, Warren Hall, Saturday - 9AM - 5PM, Sunday - 9AM - Noon

Vendor Booth Access Hours, Friday - Noon - 9PM, Saturday - 8AM - 6PM, Sunday - 8AM - 5PM

Room Layout Chart


Parking Lot sales

Saturday, 7AM - 6PM

Indoor Vendors

Friday - Indoor Vendor Setup

Saturday - 9AM - 6PM

Sunday - 8AM - Noon

Banquet Dinner and Keynote Speaker

Saturday Night - 7PM???

VE Session

Saturday - 8AM, Adams School Cafeteria???

Tesla Demonstraion/Wouff Hong

Saturday Night - 11:00 PM

Software Tools

Website Development Wizard

Butterfly Marketing

MindMeister Mind Maps

phpBB Free Forum Software

Project Management ?????

Moodle CMS

5-13-2009 - The SBARC Board of Directors voted to cancel/postpone putting on the 2009 ARRL SW Division Convention for August 15-16, 2009 and downsize to a hamfest. Stay tuned for further information about the Convention.

6-12-2009 - The SBARC Board of Directors voted to rescind last month motion, and will again be hosting the SW Division Convention as a one day event on Saturday, August .