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Summary of the Mike Walsh webinar for SDL by Mind Map: Summary of the Mike Walsh webinar for SDL
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Summary of the Mike Walsh webinar for SDL

This webinar took place on Tuesday 17 April 2012


SDL's Mission

SDL's Vision




Who is your future customer?

What will tomorrow's web look like?

What is the future of innovation?

What is the World's most valuable asset?

How will a mobile-centric World change everything?

Mike Walsh





For many of us a couple of years ago, the really big question was; "How was the Web going to change the World?" What's really interesting now is "How might the World change the Web?"

14% is currently what they estimate...American web users make up 14% of the total global internet. Right at this minute, 86% of the internet is elsewhere

The forces that are really changing the Web are not just technological, they are Anthropological as well.

The most interesting thing to me about Instagram is that if you go to its website, it just directs you to download the App. They make no attempt to build a PC based version of the service.

The rising middle class will drive the next boom in products and services

Look at new ways to unlock innovation at your Firm

How often do we encounter a new technology and instead bring all our old business practices and ideas to it, so in effect, it becomes useless.

What I believe is the World's most dangerous symbol - The Facebook 'Like'

What social media is not how many people follow you or how many people 'Like' you but to what extent it shows you the underlying data about their behaviour

How long can you have a meeting talking about innovation or the digital future without mentioning the word "Apple"?

Apple has become a Behemoth in our perceptions of what really constitutes innovation

Innovation in China is their ruthless ability to look at what customers really want.

Don't let the future surprise you