Summary of the Mike Walsh webinar for SDL

Overview How we buy, sell and engage customers with our brands is being transformed by powerful new forces - both technological and anthropological. From disruptive mobile technology in China, next generation mobile banking in Africa and social consumerism in South America - innovation is shifting to a new geography.

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Summary of the Mike Walsh webinar for SDL by Mind Map: Summary of the Mike Walsh webinar for SDL

1. SDL

1.1. SDL's Mission

1.1.1. We enable global businesses to engage with their customers In the language, the media and at the moment they choose

1.1.2. We help businesses manage their brands and drive global revenues Providing enterprise-ready innovative solutions for managing the end-to-end customer experience

1.2. SDL's Vision

1.2.1. SDL believes everyone should be able to engage with the information they require in the way they want

1.3. Website

1.3.1. Twitter @SDL


2. Ideas

2.1. Who is your future customer?

2.1.1. Customers are not always going to be technologically savvy See the World through the next Generation's eyes. How does current tech shape how they might see the future of the World? Since 2007 internet use has been physically more tactile thanks to the iPhone. Anyone born since then will understand the use of the internet with this framework. Think mobile.

2.2. What will tomorrow's web look like?

2.2.1. Emerging markets are driving the social web (More than the Western World) It will look different according to cultural uses across territories. Local rules apply on Global platforms

2.3. What is the future of innovation?

2.3.1. Innovation can be driven organically by the creativity of your customers using your products. Embrace it. Immerse yourself in your Customer's experience so you can see their pain Look for random instances in user behaviour on your website

2.4. What is the World's most valuable asset?

2.4.1. We underestimate what are the real underlying forces going on in social media Data is the World's most valuable asset Objective data about the World and subjective data about the Consumer

2.5. How will a mobile-centric World change everything?

2.5.1. Mobiles will become the primary transaction channel No phone at all is the future of mobile

3. Mike Walsh

3.1. Bio

3.1.1. "Mike Walsh, best selling author of FUTURETAINMENT and CEO of innovation research lab Tomorrow, is a leading authority on the digital future"

3.2. Book


3.3. Website



4.1. For many of us a couple of years ago, the really big question was; "How was the Web going to change the World?" What's really interesting now is "How might the World change the Web?"

4.2. 14% is currently what they estimate...American web users make up 14% of the total global internet. Right at this minute, 86% of the internet is elsewhere

4.3. The forces that are really changing the Web are not just technological, they are Anthropological as well.

4.4. The most interesting thing to me about Instagram is that if you go to its website, it just directs you to download the App. They make no attempt to build a PC based version of the service.

4.5. The rising middle class will drive the next boom in products and services

4.6. Look at new ways to unlock innovation at your Firm

4.7. How often do we encounter a new technology and instead bring all our old business practices and ideas to it, so in effect, it becomes useless.

4.8. What I believe is the World's most dangerous symbol - The Facebook 'Like'

4.9. What social media is not how many people follow you or how many people 'Like' you but to what extent it shows you the underlying data about their behaviour

4.10. How long can you have a meeting talking about innovation or the digital future without mentioning the word "Apple"?

4.11. Apple has become a Behemoth in our perceptions of what really constitutes innovation

4.12. Innovation in China is their ruthless ability to look at what customers really want.

4.13. Don't let the future surprise you