The War of The Worlds

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The War of The Worlds by Mind Map: The War of The Worlds

1. Main character

1.1. When he knowed about the martians

1.1.1. put his family to safeguard

1.2. Try to survive in every moment to

1.3. He was attraped

1.3.1. and waited for days to go out

1.4. Finally survived as

2. Character analisis

2.1. Narrator

2.1.1. never says his name

2.1.2. tels us the story of his

2.1.3. He represents order and morals amidst the destruction and death caused by

2.2. Martians

2.2.1. One thing the Martians represent is imperialism. When life on their world becomes difficult, they see Earth and set out to take it over with no attention of pursuing peaceful cohabitation.

2.2.2. The meaning of the Martians can also be applied in a broader sense, to the awful power of all wars.

2.3. Artilleryman

2.3.1. Represents the military

2.3.2. The narrator does not approve of this lifestyle

2.4. Brother

2.4.1. Explains his adventures and experiences from London, and how he get to be safe

2.5. Other characters

2.5.1. Ogilvy An astronomer

2.5.2. Henderson A journalist

3. Notes

3.1. There are over five different adaptations of this book in the cinema

3.2. The book was written by H.G. (Herbert George) Wells in 1898

3.3. This story was broadcast on the radio

3.3.1. which caused a great scandal because people thought it was really happening

4. The Human Being

4.1. live on

4.2. are attacked by

4.3. at the beginning believed in his superiority

4.3.1. but quickly realized about their mistake

4.4. try to survive

4.4.1. but machines was too strong

4.4.2. and run away from the

5. Mars

5.1. has very bad conditions for life

6. The Earth

6.1. is the most habitable planet in the solar system

7. The Martians

7.1. wanna invade

7.2. come from

7.3. sent cylindrical spacecrafts to the

7.4. had to leave his planet because it

7.5. had no intention of being paceful

7.5.1. they brought machines to exterminate

7.5.2. used a type of poison to kill people

8. General lines

8.1. Astronomers saw some spots at

8.1.1. they compared them with the firing of a gun

8.2. A time after, a giant cylinder arrived to

8.3. At the beginning people wanted to see

8.3.1. but suddenly realized they were not inoffensive creatures

8.4. People try to survive as he could

8.4.1. but everything seemed lost

8.5. Then an unexpected factor juices with

8.5.1. and they started to fall

8.6. Surprisingly, one of the smallest creatures in our world had saved

8.6.1. The martians hadn't planned on having to fight with our bacteria