Employer reporting in addition to payroll

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Employer reporting in addition to payroll by Mind Map: Employer reporting in addition to payroll

1. General

1.1. Benefits in kind - form P11D

1.2. Submission

2. General aspects of P11D

2.1. Making good

2.2. Class 1 and Class 1A NICs

2.3. Valuing benefits - OPRA

3. Detailed guidance form P11D

3.1. Section A: Assets transferred

3.2. Section B: Payments made on behalf of employees

3.3. Section C: Vouchers and credit cards

3.4. Section D: Living accommodation

3.5. Section E: Mileage allowance payments

3.6. Section F: Cars and car fuel

3.7. Section G: Vans and van fuel

3.8. Section H: Interest-free and low interest loans

3.9. Section I: Private medical insurance

3.10. Section J: qualifying relocation expenses

3.11. Section L: Assets placed at the employee's disposal

3.12. Section M: Other items

3.13. Section N: Expenses payments

4. Form P11D(b) and Class 1A NICs

5. PAYE Settlement Agreements

5.1. Setting up a PSA

5.2. Content of a PSA

5.3. Effect of a PSA

5.4. The cost of a PSA

5.5. Reporting and paying a PSA

6. Other returns