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Professionalism by Mind Map: Professionalism

1. Promoting oral health and disease prevention

2. Follow standard dentistry procedures and comply with company policies

3. Success

3.1. Caring

3.2. Communication

3.3. Experiences

3.4. Treating dental ailments

4. Responsibility

4.1. Educate patients on preventive dental care and oral health care

4.2. Apply sealants to teeth and bleach and polish teeth for color restoration

4.3. Design and fix prosthodontic appliances including bridges, dentures and space maintainers

4.4. Treat teeth malformations, gum injuries and other oral abnormalities

4.5. Ensure that work area in maintained safe, clean and organized

4.6. Refer patients to appropriate specialists when needed

4.7. Perform oral treatments including root canals, extractions, and fixing and removing prosthetics

4.8. Examine, diagnose and treat oral diseases

5. Ethical

5.1. Honesty with patients

5.2. Patients confidentiality

5.3. Commitment to maintaining appropriate relations with patients

5.4. Commitment to improving quality of care

5.5. Equitable healthcare

5.6. Maintain trust by managing conflicts of interest

5.7. Commitment to scientific knowledge

5.8. Wise and cost effective healthcare

6. Medical

6.1. Diagnosing oral diseases

6.2. Interpreting x-rays and diagnostic tests

6.3. Ensuring the safe administration of anesthetics

6.4. Monitoring growth and development of the teeth and jaws

6.5. Performing surgical procedures on the teeth, bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity

6.6. Creating treatment plans to maintain or restore the oral health of their patients