Human Resource Management Process

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Human Resource Management Process by Mind Map: Human Resource Management Process

1. Employee Recruitment

1.1. Internal Labor Market External Labor Market Electronic Job Boards Recruitment Branding

2. Employee Selection

2.1. 1. Initial Screening. 2.Employment testing. 3. Selection Interview. 4. Background and reference check. 5.Physical exams and drug testing. 6. Decision to hire.

3. Employee Training and Development

3.1. Activities that provides learning situations in which an employee acquires additional knowledge or skills to increase job performance.

4. Performance Planning and Evaluation

4.1. Performance appraisal

4.1.1. A comparison of actual performance with expected performance to assess an employee's contributions to the organization.

5. Human Resources Planning

5.1. Creating a strategy for meeting current and future human resource needs.

6. HR Planning and Forecasting

6.1. This process involves two forecasts: 1.-Determining the number of people needed by some future time. 2.-Estimating the number of people currently employed by the organization who will be available to fill various jobs at some future time.

7. Human Resource (HR) management

8. The process of hiring, developing, motivating, and evaluating employees to achieve organizational goals.

9. HR contains the following sequenced activities: Job analysis and design, Human resource planning and forecasting, Employee recruitment, Employee selection, Training and development, Performance planning and evaluation, and Compensation and benefits