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P2 by Mind Map: P2

1. andrew lansley is aiming to improve the NHS by giving more power to patients so patients can choose their consultant, GP and hospital, creating a cancer drugs fund so more people can get the treatment that they need.

2. Phil Hammond;Responsibilities Strategic direction on: Operations Personnel The Strategic Defence and Security Review Defence planning, programme and resource allocation Defence policy International Relations Nuclear programme Acquisition Parliamentary business and communications

3. what they do; Counter Terrorist Check for people employed in posts with proximity to public figures, access to information or material assessed to be of value to terrorists or unescorted access to establishments assessed to be at risk from terrorist attack. A Counter terrorist check does not allow a person access to or knowledge of protectively marked assets.

4. david cameron; as the prime minister he is the head of her majestys government The Prime Minister selects his own Cabinet and he will select those people who: Have ability Have demonstrated good party loyalty Have clearly demonstrated loyalty to the Prime Minister himself The Prime Minister himself does not have any departmental responsibilities. Therefore, in theory, he does have more time to spend in maintaining control he has over his party. By controlling influential committees, the Prime Minister can also ensure that he drives the policies of these committees. The Prime Minister also has control over the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet Office is headed by the Cabinet Secretary who is also head of the Civil Service. He has to work very closely with the Prime Minister. As senior positions within the Civil Service are appointed by the Prime Minister, it is likely that those who aspire to be senior civil servants will do little to tarnish their reputation with regards to their relationship to the Prime Minister

5. New node

6. Phil hammond

7. i have charge of the army, navy and RAF

8. Ministry of defence

9. overall budget £39.4 billion a yea. there are 40,000 employees in the RAF and 35,000 in the Navy.

10. inspectories, the defence vetting agencychecks the background of the applicants to make sure there are no criminals and to make sure they are legal in the UK.

11. Andrew lansley

12. secretary of state for health

13. NHS: £105 billion budget per year, 2 million employees the NHs is envied across the world.

14. minister: Simon Burns MP reports back to andrew lansley

15. Health authority yorkshire and Humber works with yest yorkshire to focus on health issues in that in west yorkshire it will be things like drug addiction and work related injuries.

16. Healthcare Commission inspects the NHS staff and facilities and investigates any complaints made.

17. simon burns claims he is going to improve the health and social care bill by raising the quality of care for patients and getting patients involved in decision making. He is going to try create more competition between NHS and private clinics. The NHS budget will go straight to the Gps because they are seen to be on the 'front line'

18. simon burns;Simon Burns is Minister of State for Health, his responsibilities include: Legislation, NHS Performance, Health Services, Reconfiguration of Services, Patient Safety, Application of Quality Regulation, NHS Workforce, Mixed Sex Accommodation and Connecting for Health.

19. Security Check for people employed in posts which have substantial access to SECRET assets or occasional controlled access to TOP-SECRET assets. Developed Vetting is needed for people with substantial unsupervised access to TOP-SECRET assets. A small number of clearances are granted where the risks are managed through follow up work and monitoring. We call this activity "Aftercare". We also process Aftercare for all MOD clearances that are granted normally.

20. Employment Checks In addition to NSV we are responsible for co-ordination of all MOD Employment Assurance Disclosure requests which are needed for people who are being considered for employment with children or vulnerable adults. We also process MOD employment checks in support of the wider Baseline Personnel Security Standard requirements as laid down in the Cabinet Office Personnel Security Standard.