Young Authors

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Young Authors by Mind Map: Young Authors

1. Content

2. Essential Questions

2.1. What influenced the student to continue reading and writing?

2.2. How old was the student when he/ she began writing?

2.3. Did the student have any difficulties in becoming a young writer?

2.4. Did he/she parent support the childs new career at such a young age?

2.5. Method of Instruction

2.6. Method of Evaluation

3. Skills

3.1. young writers and their technique

3.1.1. New node

3.2. Vocabulary Skill

3.2.1. Content and Knowledge Social Skill Reading Skill

4. New node

5. Content

5.1. influential young writers

5.1.1. Task

5.1.2. Prerequisites

5.2. encouraging s reading skill and writing skill

5.2.1. Task

5.2.2. Prerequisites

5.3. Allow the students to perform the lesson or paper with family member, go home.

5.3.1. Task

5.3.2. Prerequisites

6. Assessment

6.1. observation

6.2. formative assessment

6.3. Create Podcast (group assignment)