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Horse Ranch by Mind Map: Horse Ranch

1. How might the seasons affect your industry?

1.1. prediction: Slows down Business

1.1.1. Proof: You should not ride horses a lot during the summer when it is really hot out because it is not healthy for them. You can ride in the winter just not a lot because of hypothermia, but spring and fall are the best seasons to ride.

2. What industry would your company be apart of?

2.1. Prediction: Agriculture

2.1.1. Proof: It really doesn't fall into any other industry. Raising horses and taking care of them, and making other people happy.

3. Do you feel this industry is a growing, stabilizing, or declining?

3.1. Prediction: Declining.

3.1.1. Proof: Horses have to do with being outside and you have to have land for them to be happy and keep the people riding them happy.

4. On average, how much profit does the industry make a year?

4.1. Prediction: Not a lot.

4.1.1. Proof: A lot of people are more interested in the new things like cars, computers, technology, and are not as excited about nature and animals anymore. More people are getting raised in the city than out in the country like they used to. They don't really get introduced to horses.

5. On average, how much dollars are spent annually in the industry?

5.1. Prediction: $500,000

5.1.1. Proof:

6. How does technology affect your industry?

6.1. Prediction: Don't really use technology.

6.1.1. Proof: Horses don't require a lot of technology unless they are sick and need a vet. Horses can pretty much take care of themselves, but they require food and water.