Winhire Sales Cycle

Provides an overview of the sales process, and which actions need to take place

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Winhire Sales Cycle by Mind Map: Winhire Sales Cycle

1. Review, Develop ,Follow Up Plan

1.1. Update Profile

2. Contact Plan and Script

2.1. Design and Develop Initial Contact Strategy How can Winhire help.

2.1.1. Specific Collateral

2.1.2. Update Profile

3. Existing Contacts and Pre-Qualified Companies

3.1. Frequent Pulse of Quality of Winhire Services

3.2. Maintain Relationship

3.3. Request Referrals

4. Perform Suspect Research

4.1. Criteria

4.1.1. GENERATE PROFILE CxO Company Name Industry Location Annual Revenue Annual IT Spend Competitive Analysis

4.2. Winhire Company Profile

5. Execute Follow Up Plan

5.1. Update Profile

6. Make Contact

6.1. Cold Call

6.1.1. Email

6.1.2. Specific Call

6.1.3. Video

6.1.4. LinkedIn

6.2. Update Profile

7. Phase 1: Deliver Tech-Enabled Staffing Solutions to existing contacts and developing leads. Goals: Build Relationships by Delivering Results Establish Revenue Foundation Build Brand Recognition Build Loyalty

7.1. Staffing

7.1.1. Search

7.1.2. Consultants

8. Phase 2: Leverage Phase 1's success to expand efficiency Goals: Information Technology Projects Social Media Technology Solutions