Behavioral Therapies

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Behavioral Therapies by Mind Map: Behavioral Therapies

1. Exposure Therapies- which expose people to what they normally avoid.

2. Behavior Therapy- Applies learning principles to eliminate a troubling behavior

3. Counter Conditioning- pairs the trigger stimulus w/ a new response that is incompatible w/ fear.

4. Systematic Desensitization- a type of counter-conditioning that associates a pleasant relaxed state w/ gradually increasing anxiety-triggering stimuli. Used to treat phobias.

5. Virtual Reality Exposed Therapy- when the anxiety-arousing situation is too expensive, difficult, or embarrassing to re-create, and offers an efficient middle ground.

6. Aversive Conditioning- the goal is to substitute a negative response for a positive response to a harmful stimuli.

7. Token Economy- an operant conditioning procedure in which people earn a token of exhibiting a desired behavior and can later exchange theses tokens for various privileges or treats.

8. O.H. Mowrer

9. John B. Watson

10. It is also used to treat phobias. It helps people to overcome their fears and many problems that they face

11. Behavioral therapy is used to help people understand their thoughts and feelings about things.