Source of Synergy Content/Classes

DRAFT map of possible courses for SOSF

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Source of Synergy Content/Classes by Mind Map: Source of Synergy Content/Classes

1. What is Synergy? SOURCING SYNERGY

1.1. The Gift of Synergy

1.2. The "S" Factor

1.2.1. Synergy Salons

1.2.2. the value of synergy

1.2.3. practicing synergy

1.2.4. spreading synergy

1.3. spreading synergy

1.3.1. organizations

1.3.2. education

1.3.3. business

1.3.4. communities

1.3.5. government

2. Our Moment of Choice

2.1. About the Moment

2.1.1. About the Synergy of the Circles -- deep interconnection one author from each circle talk about how the circles are interconnected authors from different circles talk about the interconnections use venn diagram inspired graphic representation of the circles and courses

2.1.2. mini course within a macro course with multiple instructors about interconnection

2.1.3. synergy circles in communities

2.1.4. link to salons

2.2. The 7 Circles

2.2.1. Bridge Building

2.2.2. Ecological Balance

2.2.3. Transformation Conscious Enterprise Social Change

2.2.4. Healing Ourselves The Planet

2.2.5. Integrating Science & Spirituality

2.2.6. New Frontiers Beyond Space & Time

2.2.7. The Big Picture

3. Your Moment of Choice

4. Evolution

5. Consciousness

6. Evolutionary Leaders Library (repurpose as free courses?)

7. Other Ideas?

7.1. cross platforming

7.2. try out different outlets and partnerships

7.3. flow income across networks by building interrelated marketing strategies

7.4. micro learning with an activity

7.5. How to usher in the new world. Beyond going back to normal but going forward to something extraordinary

7.6. uplifting, forward moving, "good feels"

7.7. actions for solutions

7.8. Create a thematic hub for all EL's and Circles

7.9. How do we bring synergy circles into the process

7.10. make it about the collective not the individual authors

7.11. conversations between authors?

7.12. in partnerships negotiate to keep access to digital assets

7.13. request already available content from contributors (bonus content?)

7.14. value of an evolutionary bookshelf - one stop shopping

7.15. how do we turn visions of the future into actions for the now

7.16. we need our affiliate code in our purchase referral links

7.17. Tedx Synergx short sound bites

7.18. Divine Feminine?

7.19. new paradigm approaches

7.20. meet the people where they are and how do you get beyond that -- support people in a process that has them go inward to go outward.

7.21. After party where the people come on to network with each other after the launch

7.22. Website survey to individuals/book readers - What do they need and want?

7.23. use structural cues and new forms of presenting the material visually

7.24. make the visuals reinforce wholeness

8. Articulate our Principles

8.1. invitation for partnership

8.2. mutual support

8.3. synergistic networks

9. Hosted Content?

10. Invite Synergistic Content Partnerships

11. Companion Courses for books by ELs and other partners

12. What are the evolutionary principles for a new network designed to activate humanity for our moment of choice?