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DSM by Mind Map: DSM

1. This week, 17

1.1. Priority

1.2. Tasks

1.2.1. Task 1 TSA SAP Bas Dekker AIX Roel vd Kerkhof IBM Marcel Berkhout / Erik Tijs IBM, waiting on resource Libraries missing due to install errors

1.2.2. Task 2 OSSV MSS Walter Taloen AIX Mike v Hoof / Dennis vd Sande Urgently asked to continue with current HW

1.2.3. Task 3 SNAP command line SAP Bas Dekker MSS Walter Taloen / John v Riel Not woking as expected, assistance asked at IBM, possibly the share setup needs to be looked at. Point in Time recovery not possible. IBM informed and asked for help

1.2.4. Task 4 PowerHA SAP scripting SAP Bas Dekker Time constraint resource SAP Tooling group asked by Fred/Walter to assist

1.2.5. Task 5 SNAP Creator Server Location Build Resource group on PowerHA cluster Create Scripts Functional Test New luns requested for the resource group

1.2.6. Task 6 Nagios Monitoring AIX Dennis vd Sande Waiting on BPC request before install can take place

1.2.7. Task 7 Perf tests NAS MSS Walter Taloen Network Stefan Wesker SAP Bas Dekker AIX Dennis vd Sande / Mike v Hoof Can be done when all the basic installs/configs are done

1.3. Phone Calls

1.3.1. Call 1

1.3.2. Call 2

1.4. Meetings

1.4.1. Meeting 1

1.4.2. Meeting 2

2. Next week, 18

2.1. Priority

2.2. Tasks

2.2.1. Task 1 LPM AIX Mike v Hoof / Dennis vd Sande

2.2.2. Task 2 AME AIX Mike v Hoof / Dennis vd Sande SAP Bas Dekker

2.2.3. Task 3 PowerHA Tests AIX Mike v Hoof / Dennis vd Sande SAP Bas Dekker

2.2.4. Task 4 VIOS Tests AIX Mike v Hoof / Dennis vd Sande

2.2.5. Task 5 NAS-filer Tests AIX Mike v Hoof / Dennis vd Sande MSS Walter Taloen

2.2.6. Task 6

2.3. Phone Calls

2.3.1. Call 1

2.3.2. Call 2

2.4. Meetings

2.4.1. Meeting 1

2.4.2. Meeting 2