World War II

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World War II by Mind Map: World War II

1. The Holocaust

1.1. The Persecution Begins

1.1.1. Jews Targeted

1.1.2. Kristallnacht

1.1.3. A flood of Jewish Refugees

1.1.4. The Plight of St. Louis

1.2. Hitler's "Final Solution"

1.2.1. The Condemned

1.2.2. Forced Relocation

1.2.3. Concentration Camps

1.3. The Final Stage

1.3.1. Mass Exterminations

1.3.2. The Survivors

2. America Moves toward War

2.1. The United States Musters its Forces

2.1.1. Moving Cautiously Away from Neutrality

2.1.2. The Axis Threat

2.1.3. Building US Defenses

2.1.4. Roosevelt Runs for a Third Term

2.2. The Great Arsenal of Demoracy

2.2.1. The Lend-Lease Plan

2.2.2. Supporting Stalin

2.2.3. German Wolf Packs

2.3. FDR Plans for War

2.3.1. The Atlantic Charter

2.3.2. Shoot on Sight

2.4. Japan Attacks the United States

2.4.1. Japan's Ambitions in the Pacific

2.4.2. Peace Talks are Questioned

2.4.3. The Attack on Pearl Harbor

2.4.4. Reaction to Pearl Harbor

3. War in Europe

3.1. Austria and Czechoslovakia Fall

3.1.1. Union with Austria

3.1.2. Bargaining for the Sudetenland

3.2. The German Offensive Begins

3.2.1. The Soviet Union Declares Neutrality

3.2.2. Blitzkreig in Poland

3.2.3. The Phony War

3.3. France and Britain Fight On

3.3.1. The Fall of France

3.3.2. The Battle of Britain

4. Dictators Threaten World Peace

4.1. Nationalism Grips Europe and Asia

4.1.1. Failures of the World War I Peace Settlement

4.1.2. Joseph Stalin Transforms the Soviet Union

4.1.3. The Rise of Facism in Italy

4.1.4. The Nazis take over Germany

4.1.5. Militarists Gain Control in Japan

4.1.6. Aggrression in Europe and Asia

4.1.7. Civil War Breaks out in Spain

4.2. The United States Responds Cautiously

4.2.1. America Clings to Isolationism

4.2.2. Neutrality Breaks Down