The Cloud

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The Cloud by Mind Map: The Cloud

1. pros

1.1. access data from "anywhere"

1.1.1. other devices

1.2. share data

1.3. data backed up

2. cons

2.1. data stored on another server

2.2. service can go away anytime

2.2.1. magnolia

2.3. "private" data held by others

2.3.1. not that I am hiding anything not necessary for others to have access to it

2.3.2. afraid that it may be stolen "data" held at home can be stolen too

2.3.3. I am currently using mobile me for contacts and calendar

3. Google

3.1. A lot of data all in one place

3.2. using disconnected services, "harder" to gather data

3.3. google analytics already tracks my travels through the net

3.4. search tracks my searches either via ip or login

3.5. google becoming the "net"

3.5.1. AOL?

4. data

4.1. mail

4.1.1. hosted on dreamhost

4.1.2. not on "private" server

4.2. contacts

4.2.1. synced through mobile me iphone

4.3. pictures

4.3.1. some of them on flickr not all cause I am lazy trying to find something better smugmug

4.4. documents

4.4.1. docs google docs blog entries shared project docs

4.4.2. spreadsheet google docs shared project docs expenses for trips

4.5. tasks

4.5.1. using remember the milk

4.6. calendar

4.6.1. synced through mobile me iphone

4.7. financials

4.7.1. my bank is in the cloud

5. am I already in the cloud?

5.1. this mind map is in the cloud too

6. what am I afraid of?

6.1. others accessing my data

6.2. data being used against me

6.2.1. not that I have something to hide sometimes I do want to control who knows what

6.2.2. no need to be transparent to all

6.3. loosing access to my data

6.3.1. not sure how that would happen unless the service goes away dreamhost can go away anytime

7. what got me thinking?

7.1. my trip to SA

7.1.1. not taking my laptop taking netbook

7.2. thinking about being machine agnostic

7.2.1. need network access all the time