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Digital Rights and Responsibilities (Plan) by Mind Map: Digital Rights and Responsibilities (Plan)
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Digital Rights and Responsibilities (Plan)

Everyone has certain rights and responsibilities that should be equal to all members

You should have a clear understanding of the behavior that is needed

Digital citizenship includes responsibilities as well as rights

You have rights to behave in your way, but you should respect others' rights as well.

Digital citizens should have the right of ownership to their work

Everyone has rights and responsibilities to help and supervise the development of digital society.

You should be aware of the expectations and responsibilities when you use the internet

You should consider the impact and consequences of the things you do in a digital society.

Respect other people and their rights

Only the people who are responsible to the digital society, they can have rights in digital society.

To be vigilant all the time.

For example, it's your right to post comments on a website but your responsibility to make sure it's not harmful or offensive to anyone in any way

Rights come with responsibilities

Digital rights and responsibilities influence people socially and ethically

Pointing out the mistakes in digital society is your responsibility as well.

It's your responsibility to use technology appropriately

When you find others say something harmful online, you have responsibility to find a solution to stop them.