Operations & Strategy Managent

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Operations & Strategy Managent by Mind Map: Operations & Strategy Managent

1. 3 levels of Analysis

1.1. Level of Supply Network

1.1.1. Flow between Operations Analysis of the Supply Network, and all its features. The operations' suppliers and customers

1.2. Level of Operations

1.2.1. Flow between processes The flow of processes in an operation, internal suppliers & customers of the process

1.3. Level of Process

1.3.1. Flow between Resources The processes that complete an operation, flow of resources that are used.

2. Analysis of Operations

2.1. Transformation Process

2.1.1. Inputs Primary Transformed Resources Raw Materials etc Secondary Transforming Materials Equipment, Staff Tertiary

2.1.2. Outputs Primary Product/Service Secondary Tertiary Information Gained

3. Typology of Operations

3.1. 4 V's of Operations

3.1.1. Volume How much of the same product is made? How repeatable is the process? Economies of Scale Can you specialise?

3.1.2. Variety How flexible is the operation? What is the complexity of the operation? Can you match individual customer needs? Is the operation defined and routine?

3.1.3. Variation in Demand How predictable is demand? Is capacity continually changing? Is demand stable throughout the operation?

3.1.4. Visibility How long are customers prepared to wait? Customer service skills? Do requirements vary? Customer perception of the product