Mary (Taylor's first crush in Pennsylvania)

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Mary (Taylor's first crush in Pennsylvania) by Mind Map: Mary (Taylor's first crush in Pennsylvania)

1. Seven

1.1. "Picture me in the trees"

1.2. "Take me back to the house in the backyard tree"(Mary's Song)

1.2.1. "take me back to when our world was one block wide"(Mary's Song)

1.2.2. In the YBWM music video, the houses are next door to each other

1.3. "In the swing over the creek. I was too scared to jump in."

1.3.1. "Take me back to the creek beds we turned up"(Mary's Song) "Whistle county creek"(Sweet Tea & God's Graces)

1.4. "The love lasts so long"

1.4.1. The secret message in Mary's Song is SOMETIMES LOVE IS FOREVER

2. Sweet Tea & God's Graces

2.1. "tire swings"

2.1.1. "in the swing"(Seven)

2.2. "summer"

2.2.1. "summer dreams"(Seven) "Right there beside him all summer long"(Tim McG)

2.3. "Sweet tea in the summer"(Seven)


2.5. "Still got your jacket"

2.5.1. Jacket is synonymous with CARDIGAN "Pack your dolls and a sweater"(Seven) "I'll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes"(Last Kiss)

3. TRAIN concept

3.1. "I knew you stepping on the last train marked me like a bloodstain"(Cardigan)

3.2. The secret message of Sad Beautiful Tragic is WHILE YOU WERE ON A TRAIN

3.2.1. In the youtube chat before the music video premiered, Taylor MENTIONED SAD BEAUTIFUL TRAGIC I'm not sure if the story told in the lyrics of SBT are about Mary though

3.3. The original lyrics of Tim McG say: "some TRAINS you can't catch again, you gotta leave it as it was"

4. Last Kiss

4.1. "Words that you whispered for just us to know"

4.1.1. "Cross your heart won't tell no other"(Seven)

4.2. "That July 9th"

4.2.1. "summer dreams"(Seven) "in the summer"(Sweet Tea & God's Graces) "Right there beside him all summer long"(Tim McG)

4.3. "I'll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes"

4.3.1. "I still got your jacket" (Sweet Tea & God's Graces) "Pack your dolls and a sweater"(Seven) Cardigan

5. Tim McGraw

5.1. "I was right there beside you all summer long"(TimMcG)

5.2. "Sweet tea in the summer"(Seven)

5.3. ORIGINAL LYRICS: "“I've been back a couple times since then I didn't look you up ‘Cause some TRAINS you cant catch again, you gotta leave it as it was I hope you think that little black dress, the one you always said YOU liked best"

5.3.1. Mary owned the little black dress and Taylor wore the old faded blue jeans

6. "Pennsylvania" (Seven)

6.1. "I hit my peak at 7"

6.2. "I was SEVEN & you were 9" (Mary's Song)

6.2.1. "we all want love, we all want to find somebody to see our sights with and hear things with and experience things with. But at the end of the day we’ve been searching for that since we were kids! When you had a friend when you were nine years old, and that friend was all you talked about, and you wanted to have sleepovers and you wanted to walk down the street together and sit there drawing pictures together or be silent together, or be talking all night. We’re just looking for that, but endless sparks, as adults.”(sm: Sometimes love is forever)-(x) "I've been sleeping so long in a 20 yr dark night"(Daylight) "Once in 20 lifetimes"(Cardigan) "A cardigan that still bears the scent of loss twenty years later"(Folklore Prologue)

7. Mary's Song

7.1. "your eyes shined like pretty lights"(Mary's Song)

7.2. "you said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night"(Tim McG)

7.2.1. "Just a boy in a Chevy truck"(TimMcG)

7.2.2. "2am riding in your truck"(Mary's Song)