Mission Totally Possible

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Mission Totally Possible by Mind Map: Mission Totally Possible

1. Characters

1.1. The Guide

1.1.1. Names Some play on "Bond, James Bond" ? Cash, Frank Cash or least Heroic Spy Sounding name Herman Melford Eugene Sinclair

1.1.2. Attire Vacation Mode Hawaiian Shirts Shorts Drink In Hand Classy Tux or Smoking Jacket Always has a Scotch in his hands

1.1.3. Back/Origin Story Once A World Renowned Spy Too Dangerous Too Time Consuming Felt Unfofilled Developed a Gunpowder allergy

1.2. Supporting Characters

1.2.1. Villians Real Estate themed Leadbelly The Contractor Dr. No-Deal Murphy Law

1.2.2. Affiliates Actual Affiliates Guest Appearance

1.2.3. Allies Old Adversary Now A Successful Affiliate and REI

2. Story

2.1. Personas

2.1.1. Super Classy Spy Debonair Fancy Pants In "Normal" Situations and interactions Always a little out of place

2.1.2. Permanent Vacation Always Smiling Very relaxed Makes reference to new life and freetime Makes references like "The Old Me" and "in the past"

2.2. Overall Arc

2.2.1. The Guide was once a world class spy. Seen through flashbacks as he tells the stories of being a spy in his old life, as associated with the challenge

2.2.2. Now has left that life for a life of freedom as a Realeflow Affiliate

2.2.3. Applies the "Spy Life Style" to everything he does, even relaxing

2.2.4. Takes these challenges as a way to keep his skills sharp

2.3. Might be interesting to play of how relaxed he is now in comparison to his past. *He is in therapy but his Doctor is on the couch talking to his.

3. Challenges

3.1. Presentation

3.1.1. Our guide Presents directly

3.1.2. Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept Mission is revealed to guide AND Viewer simultaneously with self destructing message Guide engages audience before and after mission reveal These could be generic tags of various fun ways of getting the mission/challenge Running gag of trying to find a safe place for the message to self destruct The messages/challenges can be inserted into the video later with just text or motion graphic and VO Video starts with the message being delivered to viewer Guide appears after to enguage Fun and Entertaining Means of Delivery A cell phone delivered on a serving tray pool side, and he tries to send it back not what he ordered Out hunting and is getting bothered by a carrier pigeon A letter coming out of a post office box, and trying to shove it back in An envelope arrives with a VHS tape but no VCR to play yet. On a massage table and a video plays in the hole he puts his face intense car chase but it's just someone trying to deliver the mission envelope He's fishing and reels it in Golfing and it's in the hole Finishes his scotch bottle, notices something in it. Breaks the glass to reveal the mission Picking up his suit from the dry cleaner. In the pocket The Details of the Challenges could support the story arc of the spy Each of the 4 affiliates you sign up this month will reveal a number of the abort code for the nuclear missiles Sign up 3 Affiliates this month to infiltrate the underground organization and steal their plans of world domination Each 5 affiliates you get this month are the next card in Royal Flush to win the Casino Royal style poker game

3.2. Frequency

4. Production

4.1. Landing

5. Promotion/Launch

5.1. Branding

5.1.1. Logo should be a figure in a tux with a Hawaiian shirt/swim trucks Lauren already made a logo, just type

5.2. Collateral

5.3. Concepts

5.3.1. ANGLE: Passive Income -Jason in tux/swim trunks, holding marg, laying on lounge chair outside with stack of money -Gif: Jason sleeping in tux, money falls on him “make money while you sleep” -Fishing in tux, money on fishing hook “Relax and let the money come to you”

5.3.2. ANGLE: What you could do with your profits -Open Check book at restaurant, photoshop arm coming out of it paying for the bill “This one’s on us” -GIF: Jason in Tux, in shitty car and sad. Identical picture, just in a nice car, J happy. “Upgrade your lifestyle with passive income” Similar ideas to above: Old shit tv VS new big screen, -GIF: Similar to RF onboarding, have that tropical vacation background, falls down behind you. “Let us fund your next vacation”

5.3.3. We need to play off of Freedomology. Spy that fought for freedom. Now has financial freedom. Freedom to spend time with his family ect..

5.3.4. Like the idea of Jason in a bar stops robbery without getting up from bar stool or spilling drink.

5.3.5. Cant access Andy's script because his google act is deactivated.

5.4. Tag Lines

5.4.1. • The Partnership that Pays • The Software Side Hustle • The Easy Route To Passive Income • The Easy Route To Financial Freedom • Your Passive Income Partners

5.4.2. Providing freedom was never easier

5.5. Landing Page Video

5.5.1. Landing page video is a play on a spy comedy action movie trailer. *Jason running in the woods. *Jason sneaking into an office at night to get a harddrive. * Jason walking down city street hand someone envelope. *Jason running from explosion (greenscreen) * Use drone to open up the video make it feel bigger. *Jason could catch drone as it lands and we could have mission "note" on it. VO says, "My old life was spent defending freedoom. Now I get to enjoy it. But not everyone enjoys financial freedom.Ect.....