Government Departments

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Government Departments by Mind Map: Government Departments

1. Ministry of Defence (MoD)

2. The defence secretary for this department is Phil Hammond MP, he is in charge of all the armed services and is armed with a budget of £39.46bn. The MoD doesnt have an under secretary of state, just the Minister.

3. The MoD is responsible for funding and where it goes, wages, housing, recruitment and also the equipment for the armed services. It is in charge of making sure that the armed services have enough man power, supplies, money, housing for soldiers and support whilst serving or afterwards if needed.

4. The MoD doesnt have any authorities like the police do but it does have a very large inspectorate in terms of the DVA (Defence Vetting Agency) this is in charge of checking poeples background who are linked to the armed services, such as the soldiers, workers, civilian staff. The vetting process consists of checking criminal history/record, family criminal history, terrorist ties and any crime or problem which would cause a problem for the armed service is this person were to get in.

5. Home Office

6. The Secretary of State for this departemnt is Theresa May MP, she is the home secretary, it then has two ministers in charge of each department. Nick Herbet MP is under secretary of state for policing and reports back to Theresa May. The other under secretary of state for this department is Damien Green MP who is in charge of borders and immigration, he also reports back directly to Theresa May.

7. The Home Office is responsible for police and border agency recruitment, wages, policies for each or the services and also the 3 year plans for the police service. It is esponsible for counter terrorism policies. The Hom eOffice is also in charge of setting the national plans and targets for the service.

8. Police Authorities for these services are things such as the WYPA (West Yorkshire Police Authority), these are the local link between councils and public services in order to try and help combat certain areas that require more policing and time spent on them. It is ment to try at help crime prevention and create a much more effective police service and overall general improvement public services across the board.

9. HER MAJESTY'S INSPECTORATE OF CONSTABULARY. This is basically just to ensure that the police are carrying out their jobs correctly and to the high level expected of the service. They are one of two inspectorates.

10. The second inspectorate is the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commision), this deals with cases of of police abuse, wrongful arrest, brutality, miscarriges of justice, discrimination and many more. Anyone can approach the IPCC to have their case reviewed and then they will independently investigate the case.

11. The Home Office statement claims they are going to do a number of things to improve the service, these were things such as, crime mapping, increasing time police spend on the street, minimum cost on alcohol, scrapping id cardsreducing paperwork, stop 24 hour drinking in problem pubs and rather than people working their way to police comissioner, have them elected.