Resdponsibilities of Government Departments

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Resdponsibilities of Government Departments by Mind Map: Resdponsibilities of Government Departments

1. The prime minster choooses who he wants as head of the department based on their expertise.

2. Prime Minster

3. Healthcare Commission. Inspects NHS facilities and staff. Also investigates complaints.

4. IPCC Indepent police complaints commission. This deals with complaints of police abuse, wrongful arrest brutality, miscarriages of justice and Discrimination.

5. Her Majestys inspectorate of Constabulary. They make sure the police are doing the job properly.

6. Defence vetting Agency. This checks appliants backgrounds to make sure they are not criminal illegal immigrants imposters or may have terrorist links.

7. These bodies inspect the public services to make sure they do their jobs right.

8. Inspectorates

9. North yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Fire Authority similar role to other authroities North Yorkshire forest fires, Arson and cave rescue.

10. NHS Health Authority. The west Yorkshire health authority works with NHS to focus on health issues specific to drug addiction work related illness.

11. West Yorkshire Police Authority makes sure police and local councils work together to nprevent crime in the local community. The Police Authority is an independent body with clear statutory duties. Its primary duty is to ensure an efficient and effective police service on behalf of the population of West Yorkshire.

12. The authorities are a link between local councils and local public services so that they can be told where to focus there fire/crime prevention.

13. Authorities

14. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. 44,000 fire officers (3.7% female) 3,600 appliances. North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Authority believes in a strong ethical culture within the organisation. It aims to promote the highest levels of conduct by its members and officers and to increase public trust in the delivery of its vision and objectives.

15. NHS, the nhs is envied across the world. they have a budget of 105 billion for 2 million employees. More people work for the NHS than any other organisation in the country: over 1 million people in England alone. That is around one in every forty people. You will probably know at least one person who works for the NHS. The people who work for the NHS may have jobs in clinical or non-clinical roles. Clinical roles provide care to patients, such as nursing, medicine, midwifery, as well as a range of allied health professions such as physiotherapy, radiography and counselling.

16. Home Office UK Border Agency. Last year 64,000 illegal immigrants got deported. Border agency officials are conducting unlawful passport checks on buses to try to catch illegal immigrants, a previously undisclosed tactic that has infuriated civil liberties campaigners.

17. West Yorkshire Police 135,000 police officers in the uk. Now required to BA Special Constable for 2 years before serving as a police officer. The area is policed by around 5,400 police officers and 4,000 support staff, including Police Community Support Officers. This makes the Force the fourth largest in the country.For this reason, the policing is delivered from 8 separate police divisions, providing most of the day-to-day policing services performed through the county.

18. 101,000 soldiers 40,000 in RAF 35,000 Navy 85,000 Civilian Staff, overall they get a budget of £39.46 billion. The british army dont just fight in afghanistan they are also making sure that the olympics are safe and secure. Preparations aimed at making the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as safe and secure as possible are to be tested this week in a major exercise, which will see civilian and military authorities work in partnership

19. Public Services

20. Bob Neill He is under secretary for Fire and Rescue Services he has a specific responsibility for the fire service recruitment, pay, equipment and the appliances. He has a budget of 4 billion. Bob Neill was elected as MP for Bromley and Chislehurst in June 2006. Following his election to parliament he was appointed to the Justice Select Committee. After only a year Bob was appointed Shadow London Minister, joining the Shadow Communities and Local Government team.

21. Simon Burns Under Secretary of State for Health Services.Was MP for Chelmsford from 1987 to 1997, and since May 2010, and MP for West Chelmsford from 1997 to 2010. His responsibilities include: Legislation, NHS Performance, Health Services, Reconfiguration of Services, Patient Safety, Application of Quality Regulation, NHS Workforce, Mixed Sex Accommodation and Connecting for Health.

22. Damien Green is under secretary for borders and immigration. He stood against Labour's Ken Livingstone in Brent East at the 1992 General Election, but lost by 5,971 votes. He was elected to the House of Commons for the Kent seat of Ashford at the 1997 General Election following the retirement of the Tory MP Keith Speed. Green held the seat with a majority of 5,345 and has remained the constituency's MP. He made his maiden speech on 20 May 1997.

23. Nick Herbert is an MP under secretary of state for Policing and Criminal Justice, reports back to Theresa May. As Shadow Minister for Police Reform, Mr Herbert developed ideas to improve policing by cutting bureaucracy and increasing accountability, replacing police authorities with directly elected individuals. Later, as Shadow Justice Secretary, he drew up a radical plan for reform of prisons, with the aim of reducing re-offending by paying for rehabilitation services by results.

24. Known as under-secretaries of State they assist the secretary of State in carrying out there job.

25. Ministers

26. Eric Pickles is Secretary of State for Communties and local Government. He is responsible for council housing overview of local councils a small part of it covers fire services. In January 2009 David Cameron appointed Eric Pickles Chairman of the Conservative Party. He joined the Shadow Cabinet in July 2007 as the Department for Communities and Local Government Secretary having served from August 2005 to July 2007 as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.

27. Andrew lansley he is thye Secretary of State for Health. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE N.H.S. The biggest public services department 105.6 billion budget, 2 million employees.Elected MP for South Cambridgeshire 1997, joining the Shadow Cabinet as Health Secretary 2003. Lives in South Cambridgeshire with his wife and their two children. He also has three children from his first marriage.

28. Theresa May is in charge of the home office policing, borders immigration and counter terrorism. She sets up the national policing plan which sets wages, recruitment and general policing policy every 3 years.

29. Phil Hammond is now Secretary of state for ministry of defence, In charge of the Army and the RAF. Mr Hammond's previous position was Secretary of State for Transport. Prior to this he held a number of shadow portfolios.

30. Secretaries of State