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Prime Minister by Mind Map: Prime Minister

1. The Prime Minister David Cameron is the political leader of the United Kingdom and he sets the agenda for what the government can do. The prime minister also represents the UK abroad and he can send the British troops to war. The prime minister chooses who he wants as head of the departments based on their expertise.

2. The inspectorates for the NHS are the Healthcare Commission who inspect the NHS facilities to make sure they are good enough for medical use etc. and they also investigate the staff of the hospitals to make sure they are doing their job properly and they also investigate complaints which are usually from patients saying about how they were treated etc.

3. The West yorkshire health authority work with the NHS that covers West Yorkshire to focus on health issues specific to the West yorkshire area and these issues include: Drug Addictions with people in West Yorkshire and work related illnesses.

4. The public service that Andrew Lansley and Simon Burns have responsibilty for is the NHS which is the National Health Service of Britain which has the biggest budget of any other public service with 105 billion pouinds a year and it has 2 million employess and is envied around the world due to its success.

5. The under secretary of state for the health service is Simon Burns and his responsiblity is the NHS and his job is to be responsible for the NHS and then report back to Andrew Lansley depending on what he thinks need replacing, improving etc in the Health Service

6. The UK border force was created in 2005 last year and since then 69,000 illegal immigrants have been deported which is a very good result. The UK border force doesn't have any inspectorates or authorities.

7. The two main inspectorates for the police who inspect them to make sure they are doing their jobs right and these two are her majesty's inspectorate of constabulary and the most important one is the IPCC (Independent police complaints comission) they deal with complaints of police abuse, wrongful arrests, brutality, misscarriages of jusitce and discrimination.

8. A local authority for the police would be the west yorkshire police authority who make sure the local police and local councils work together to prevent crime in the local community e.g. Neighbourhood Watch which is a association made between the local police and the community.

9. Nick Herbert controls the UK Police. The police in the UK have 135,000 officers. A law that they have recently made in the Home office department is that you have to do 2 years as a special constable before you can join the police.

10. Damian Green is the under secretary for borders and immigration and he deals with the UK border force.

11. Nick Herbert is a minister for Thereas May and he is the under secretary of state for policing so he deals with the Police and reports back to Theresa May.

12. The Home Office. Theresa May is in charge of the Home office which deals with policing, borders , immigration, counter terrorism. Sets the national policing plan which sets wages, recruitment and general policing policy.

13. The secretary of state for health is Andrew Lansley who has overall responsibility for the entire health service which includes the NHS which is the biggest public service department with a budget of £105 billion and they have around 2 million employees and he will give ideas for improvement on the NHS to the prime minister David Cameron