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Love by Mind Map: Love

1. be balanced source of energy for oneself and for others

1.1. How?

1.1.1. Trying to feel who we are

1.1.2. Bewaring our will-power and altruistic ideals which brings us too far from ourselves

1.2. Why?

1.2.1. If you feel good you will naturally have energy and love ready for others you can 'really' give, and share, and have fun in your so-called generosity it will not sound 'exaggerated' but just 'in its place'

2. sentimental attitude = elated, "over"enthusiastic, positive

2.1. allowing us to be better?

2.2. enabling other people to be the best they can be?

2.3. "true" love ?

2.3.1. not so 'true'

2.3.2. complacence

2.3.3. relish in one's being a good person preoccupied of one's own role more than of others?

3. be better?

3.1. motivation?

3.1.1. Do we want to "be better" because we do not feel we are not enough?

3.1.2. If not because of that, why then? By ambition?

3.2. how?

3.2.1. "Don't try to fart higher than your arse" French saying canalise your energy try to control a bit, to guide rather. Be humble Dangers of a trial to control too much "Hunt your nature away, it will come back galloping" French saying Similar danger to that of "repression" with Sigmund Freud