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Calpurnia by Mind Map: Calpurnia

1. looks like

1.1. - “Calpurnia was something else. She was all angles and bones; she was near-sighted; she squinted; her hand was wide as a bed slat and twice as hard.”(Scout page 6)

1.2. - Cal is a colored folk

1.3. has short curly black hair

2. feels like

2.1. - "There goes the meanest man god ever blew breath into" this is how Calpurnia felt about Mr. Radley and when he died and she said this.

2.2. - Cal feels that Atticus is a good man because he is defending Tom Roberson, despite what the town is saying about him.

2.3. - Cal feels that when she goes to church with the other colored-folk that she should talk like them because otherwise if she talked like how she talks at the Finches house then she would be out of place.

3. how others see him or her

3.1. • At the start of the novel, the Finch children don’t like her because she is hard on them – Scout sees Calpurnia as the Wicked Stepmother.

3.2. • Scout, in the beginning, sees Calpurnia, not so much as a human being but rather a force of nature that she always seems to run into.

3.3. • Scout thinks that Calpurnia doesn’t necessarily win arguments because she is right but rather she has the might and will and that for Calpurnia to be nice, it would admit defeat.

4. Acts like

4.1. • Calpurnia is a very strong person – physically and mentally. She is very strong willed and strong minded.

4.2. • She disciplines the children as much as they don’t like it.

4.3. • Calpurnia always wins the arguments against the children because she is wise and really knows what is right for the children. She had been with the Finch family ever since Jem was born.