Hamlet Act I & II

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Hamlet Act I & II by Mind Map: Hamlet Act I & II

1. Characters

1.1. Hamlet

1.1.1. Traits Loyal to father, clever (show of madness), somewhat rash, curious, obsessive

1.1.2. Motivation To avenge his father's murder (by Claudius)

1.1.3. Actions Hamlet, as of Act II has put on a show of madness in order to confuse the people around him and discover a way to avenge his father

1.2. Claudius

1.2.1. Traits Clever (almost got away with murder), jealous, impulsive

1.2.2. Motivation Power, wealth, and lust

1.2.3. Actions Claudius has killed his own brother and married his brother's wife in order to become King. By Act II he is still working at retaining this power

1.3. Polonius

1.3.1. Traits Very rash, nosey, untrusting, eager

1.3.2. Motivation Self-preservation, honor, power

1.3.3. Actions Polonius goes to great extents to protect his honor by forbidding his daughter to see Hamlet and spying on his son

1.4. Ophelia

1.4.1. Traits Innocent (or unexperienced according to her father), obedient, puppet

1.4.2. Motivation To be a good daughter and please her father

1.4.3. Actions Ophelia has cut off communication with Hamlet after her dad commanded her to do so

2. Literary Devices

2.1. Act I

2.1.1. "A little ere the mightiest Julius fell" -Horatio (I i 126) Allusion Horatio discusses the appearance of the ghost and realizes that all is not well in Denmark while making references to Julius who was betrayed and murdered

2.1.2. "With mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage" -Claudius (I ii 12) Oxymoron The new king expresses how this is a time of sadness with his brother's death and a time of happiness with his marriage to the Queen.

2.1.3. "So excellent a king, that was, to this/ Hyperion to a satyr" -Hamlet (I ii 141-142) Allusion and Hyperbole Hamlet expresses his anger towards his mother for marrying so soon after his father's death and compares his uncle (satyr) to his father (Hyperion)

2.1.4. "My father's spirit in arms! All is not well./ I doubt some foul play." -Hamlet (I ii 272 - 273) Foreshadow Hamlet learns about his father's ghost and suspects that something is wrong and even that foul play may be involved.

2.1.5. "And with a sudden vigour doth posset/ And curd, like eager droppings into milk,/ The thin and wholesome blood. So did it mine" -Ghost (I v 73 - 75) Imagery The ghost describes vividly of how he was poisoned and the effects of this poison

2.2. Act II

2.2.1. "Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth" -Polonius (II i 68) Oxymoron Polonius tells Reynaldo that by lying he shall discover the truth when spying on Laertes

2.2.2. "And with a look so piteous in purport/ As if he had been loosed out of hell" -Ophelia (II i 90 - 91) Hyperbole/ simile Ophelia tells her father about Hamlet's strange behaviour

2.2.3. "[Pointing to his head and shoulder.] Take this from this, if this be otherwise." -Polonius (II ii 167 -168) Situational Irony Polonius is so convinced that Hamlet's madness is caused being shunned by Ophelia that he gives the King permission to kill him if he is wrong. We the audience know the theory to be wrong.

2.2.4. "Denmark's a prison" -Hamlet (II ii 258) Metaphor Hamlet tells his university friends that they have been sent to a prison (due to his own circumstances, Hamlet feels this way)

2.2.5. "Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King." Personification Hamlet means to get the King to confess to his crimes by putting on a play that mirrors his horrible deeds.

3. Main Events

3.1. Act II

3.1.1. Scene i Polonius instructs Reynaldo to spy on his son in France Spy Ophelia tells her father that Hamlet (who she has ignored on his request) has been acting strangely. Polonius concludes the source of the insanity is Hamlet's love for Ophelia. Lightbulb

3.1.2. Scene ii Envoys from Norway return with news that Fortinbras has stopped his activities against Denmark Fortinbras of Norway Hamlet's university friends are asked to find the source of Hamlet's recent madness by the King (called to Denmark by him) University Polonius informs the King and Queen about his revelation. He is then allowed to test out whether or not the theory is actually correct. Claudius and Gertrude Hamlet puts on a show of madness for Polonius and when given the chance, questions his friends Insane Hamlet Hamlet learns about the company of actors who have arrived Stage Actors Hamlet meets the actors and convinces them to put on a play mirroring the events that have unfolded in Denmark with an added speech (written by Hamlet himself) Hamlet wants to test Claudius and get him to confess

3.2. Act I

3.2.1. Scene i Ghost A ghost in the image of the previous King of Denmark appears once again while Marcellus, Bernardo, and Horatio are on watch Guards decid to inform Hamlet (the son of the dead King) Horatio (a scholar) tries to talk to the ghost who remains silent Guards of Denmark We learn about Fortinbras, the Prince of Norway, who wants to wage war against Denmark Norway

3.2.2. Scene ii Claudius holds court where he talks about marrying his dead brother's wife for the throne Crown Laertes, the son of Polonius (the advisor), is given permission to return to his studies in France. Hamlet on the other hand is denied the same privilege as he is the heir to the throne France Horatio informs Hamlet of the ghost and Hamlet agrees to meet this entity We learn Hamlet is unhappy that his mother has remarried so soon after her husbund's death and that he does not think much of his uncle. Sad Hamlet

3.2.3. Scene iii Laertes leaves for Paris but warns Ophelia about pursuing a relationship with Hamlet whose love interests (marriage) are controlled by the King and Queen (who will do what is best for the country) Polonius gives the same warning to Ophelia while adding that she should refrain from seeing Hamlet. He also gives some advice to his son about life before he leaves. Broken Heart

3.2.4. Scene iv Ghost reappears at midnight and urges Hamlet to follow him Horatio and Marcellus decide to follow in order to protect Hamlet

3.2.5. Scene v Hamlet learns from his father's ghost that he was murdered by Claudius. The ghost also tells Hamlet to avenge him, Hamlet accepts the mission Two swords Hamlet swears Horatio and Marcellus to secrecy