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Isomerism by Mind Map: Isomerism

1. Structural (Constitutional) Isomerism

1.1. difference in functional groups

1.1.1. Functional Isomerism

1.2. difference in arrangement of carbon chain

1.2.1. Skeletal Isomerism

1.3. difference in position of non-carbon group or multiple bond

1.3.1. Positional Isomerism

2. Stereoisomerism

2.1. can rotate a single bond giving different energy levels

2.1.1. Conformational Isomerism Alkanes can be viewed in Newman Projection Sawhorse Projection Fischer Projection Cyclohexanes can be viewed in Boat Conformation or Chair Conformation Different projections can lead to Torsional Strain Angle Strain Ring Strain

2.2. different arrangement of substituents

2.2.1. Optical Isomerism can be classify by Chirality Optically active/ Optically inactive

2.3. different spatial position around a double bond

2.3.1. Geometric Isomerism to determine priority, follow the Cahn-Ingold Prelog Rules can be classify by Cis/Trans Conformation E/Z Conformation