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The Shakespeare Web Quest by Mind Map: The Shakespeare Web Quest
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The Shakespeare Web Quest

Click on the following links and answer the corresponding questions!

Othello Quotes

Identify your favorite quote and explain why you like it.

The Moors

  Who were the Moors? How were the Moors regarded in Shakespeare’s day?    

Shakespeare Biography

1.Where and when was Shakespeare born? 2. Why did Shakespeare leave school? 3. What jobs did Shakespeare take up after leaving school?

Othello Setting and Context

1.  Decribe life in Venice during the time of Othello. 2.  How were Venice and Cyprus different?

The Globe Theatre

1. When was the Globe Theatre built? 2. What happened to the original Globe? 3. Describe the crowd at the Globe.

Women in Shakespeare's Time

1.  Describe the ideal woman according to 16th century Italian society. 2.  List the six societal expectations of women in 16th century Italy.