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Keyboarding by Mind Map: Keyboarding

1. Goal1: Students will be able to demonstrate proper reach, technique and hand placement in order to achieve higher speed and accuracy.

1.1. Initial Point

1.1.1. Gwam:6 Accuracy: 88%

1.2. Final Point

1.2.1. Gwam:31 Accuracy: 90%

1.3. The proper technique for keyboarding is to sit up straight while keying, being slouched does not help you to improve. You also always want to keep your hands on the home row and try not to look at the keys while typing, because it helps you improve on your speed.

2. Goal 2: Students will learn how to properly format business documents.

2.1. Memo

2.1.1. Rules For Memo Formatting Must Have TO: FROM: DATE: and SUBJECT: Top margin: 2" Side Margin: 1" Bottom margin: about 1" Inform other if a policy has changed To tell someone about a movie,book TO: tab twice FROM: Tab once DATE: Tab once Subject: Tab once, key subject in ALL CAPS Reference Initials at the bottom

2.2. Letter

2.2.1. Rules For Letter Formatting Return address, then Date, and last the Letter address Reference initials will be the last thing at the bottom of the paper and should be lower cased letters There is a Salutation DS below the letter address Business Letters To send to a friend Has to have a Side margin: 1" Top margin: 2" Bottom margin: about 1" After the Date on a letter you must press the space button 4 times

2.3. E-mail

2.3.1. Rules For E-mail Formatting Has a Topic Aligned left Has a Greeting Send an Important E-mail to Business workers To E-mail a friend to inform them about a situation Has a Closing

2.4. Report

2.4.1. Rules For Report Formatting Report has a header with the last name and page number Follow MLA Formatting for Works Cited School report Writing about something you researched about Centered Title Four lines at the beginning with Date, Subject, Teacher and Your name