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Why should I marry a music lover? by Mind Map: Why should I marry a music lover?
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Why should I marry a music lover?

Because his record collection (only originals, no reissues) will consist of at least:

Dee Felice Trio - In Heat

James Mason - Electric Soul

Pacific Jam - Pacific Jam

Ryo Kawasaki - Little Tree

Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai

Jimmy McGriff - Red Beans

Because I will shoot him and then myself if these "musicians" get airplay in my house:



Drake & Rihanna together *Multiple shooting*

Taylor Swift

Jason Derulo

Justin Bieber

Because otherwise I would cheat on him with someone who does love music.

People and things I will consider cheating with


Paul Mawhinney

Sanders Chase



Bill "Cigar" Clinton

Because I get to buy him presents, like records, and pretend I bought them especially for him.

Because after the nasty divorce procedures, I get half his record collection.

Because after the passionate, mindblowing sex is gone, we will still have Prince.

Because a Prince joint will spice things up again, gheghe..