The Atmosphere and the Environment

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The Atmosphere and the Environment by Mind Map: The Atmosphere and the Environment

1. Air Pollutants

1.1. Toxic

1.1.1. Photochemical Smog

1.1.2. Carbon Monoxide Incomplete combustion of petrol

1.1.3. Sulfur Dioxide Combustion of fossil fuels in power stations Volcanic activity

1.1.4. Oxides of nitrogen Nitrogen Oxide/Dioxide Car engines Power stations Lightning

1.1.5. Unburnt Hydrocarbons

1.2. Non-toxic

1.2.1. Methane Farming Bacterial decay of vegetable matter/livestock

1.2.2. Non-toxic in small amounts Ozone Reaction of sunlight with other pollutants

2. Reducing Pollution

2.1. How?

2.1.1. Use renewable resources for electricity Wind Hydroelectric Solar

2.1.2. Use cleaner fuels Compressed Natural Gas

2.1.3. Reduce Sulfur Dioxide emissions in power stations Add powdered limestone to the hot gasses produced

2.1.4. Reduce pollutants emitted in to the air Fit cars with catalytic converters

2.2. Why?

2.2.1. To have cleaner air

2.2.2. Save our environment from being completely damaged

2.2.3. Prevent Global Warming from destroying our Earth

3. Composition of Air

3.1. 79% Nitrogen

3.1.1. New node

3.2. 20% Oxygen

3.2.1. For Combustion

3.3. 1% Noble Gas

3.3.1. 0.9% Argon

3.3.2. 0.1% Helium, Xenon, Neon

3.4. 0.03% Carbon Dioxide