Alumni follow up

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Alumni follow up by Mind Map: Alumni follow up

1. List

1.1. Private investigation

1.2. Track where they are

1.3. Special situations

2. Invitiation to social media

2.1. Facebook

2.2. LInkin

2.3. Twiter

3. Public endorsement from allumni for KWX

4. Make comments on knowledgeWorkx

5. Invite into process of CMN change

6. Personal touch

7. Discrete emails

7.1. One issue at a time

7.2. Don't bundle

8. Need to know the overall strategy of KWX and where the allumni fits

9. Define value added services to them

9.1. 1. Share Preferences; express yourself, be a fan (not everyone will take this up)

9.1.1. Like us on Facebook

9.1.2. Connect with us on LInkedIn

9.1.3. Follow us on Twitter

9.2. 2. Increase Your Knowledge of the Material

9.2.1. Refresher CMN - # 1

9.2.2. Christian audiance course

9.3. 3. Gain Prestige:

9.3.1. Revisit certification issue

9.3.2. Sell the value of certification

9.4. 4. Gain access to better tools

9.4.1. Intra net available

9.5. 5. Gain professional opportunities

9.5.1. Reexplain how we work with associates

9.5.2. Opportunities to coach others in the network

9.5.3. Shared address list along with competency list (internal "LinkedIn" style directory completely focused on CMN)

10. How do they connect with LM community?

11. Timeline and committments

11.1. Go back to all CMN events and look at pictures

11.2. Get a complete list

11.3. Connect with all Allumni by mid-June

11.4. Define with Josh value prepositions

12. PRocess with them

12.1. Journey of thought leaders

12.2. Create a manner of multiplication

12.3. As long as they are contributing they are a part of the list

12.4. Subtopic 4

13. Method and time of connection

13.1. As needed

13.2. Peace meal what we offer

13.3. Form follows function

13.4. Need to schedule