Hongkong's new Security law

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Hongkong's new Security law by Mind Map: Hongkong's new Security law

1. Hongkong

1.1. former British colony

1.2. handed over to China in 1997

1.3. Now considered a special administrative region of China

1.4. Governed by Basic Law

1.4.1. Affirms One country ,two systems

1.4.2. Basic Law Upholds Hongkong's System of Governance Independent Judiciary liberal policies System of Governance

1.4.3. According to Article 23 HongKong tried to enact a National Security law on its own affect

2. China unveiled a new national security law

2.1. It is called The Law of People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region

2.1.1. Made part of Hongkong’s basic Law

2.2. Affect

2.2.1. Expands Beijing's power in Hongkong

2.3. Provisions

2.3.1. Includes offences like Seccession Subversion terrorist activities which includes Collusion with external elements to endanger national security Punishment for the above offences upto life imprisonment

3. Office for Safeguarding National Security

3.1. New department opened by China in Hongkong

3.2. Would take over jurisdiction from Hongkong's law courts

3.2.1. With the approval of Beijing

3.2.2. Only if Case has involvement of foreign country or external elements A serious situation makes local application of security law difficult Occurence of major threat to national security

3.2.3. For cases taken over by this office Prosecutors and adjudicators will be appointed by mainland China Chinese laws would apply which are harsher than Hongkong's laws if case involves a state secret or public order Case would be closed to the media and only judgement would be delivered in open court

4. Committee for safeguarding National Security

4.1. new body

4.2. immune from judicial scrutiny

4.3. Beijing will appoint a National security advisor

4.3.1. for formulating National Security Policies

5. Special department to be set up in HongKong police

5.1. For dealing with National Security matters

5.2. More powers will be given to the police for investigating offences related to

5.2.1. Searching for premises

5.2.2. Searching of vehicles and aircraft

5.2.3. Ordering surrender of travel documents

5.2.4. confiscating property

5.2.5. tapping of phones

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