How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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How does your media product represent particular social groups? by Mind Map: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

1. In gang culture, many different races feature which is why we decided to continue with this representation of race/ethnicity by including a black character. The fact that he had the possession of drugs in the scene represents that he is higher up than the white male with him, and this is further accentuated when he takes control and wins the poker game.

1.1. Black character throwing drugs

1.1.1. Black character playing with poker chips

2. By covering their faces with the use of costume, camera angles/ shots and shadowing, we create the representation that we should be wary of them as in dominant ideology, we are uncomfortable around people whose faces are obscured as it seems as if they have something to hide.

2.1. screenshot

2.1.1. screenshot

3. Despite the fact that they are of a fairly low class, they actually have very high status within their gang community, and the use of a few low angle shots during the gambling scenes show this. These shots also show that the act of gambling/other illegal activities are glorified within their culture.

4. These are all the preferred readings of our media product, however we are aware that there are many oppositional readings too that we have not gone into detail with.

5. Guns help create the representation that men are dangerous this as they have violent connotations and are linked to men as they are often representative of a phallic symbol.

5.1. Gun un a scene

5.1.1. Gun in a scene

6. In the time that we based our film on (1940’s) sexism was still prevalent in society. Also, our characters fit with the social norm of the time as they are heterosexual and at this time homophobia was rife.

7. We used young adults and dressed them in typical adult male attire of suits and ties etc to connote that they are being forced to fit the adult role, but that they do not quite fulfil it as adults are meant to be looked up to, but due to their criminal actions we cannot look up to them. This is relevant to today’s society as many young people are forced into gangs from a young age, and often do due to rough upbringings.

7.1. screenshot

8. By using all males we upheld dominant ideology that men commit crimes and are more violent than women.