What does a historian do ?

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What does a historian do ? by Mind Map: What does a historian do ?

1. Prehistoric period = before wirting was used. Historic period= when people used writing.

2. Archaeology is the study of human remains.

3. Sources are evidance, for example documents or pistures used to find what happend in the past

4. BC = Before christ and AD= Anno Domini.

5. Primary sources come directly from the past. E.g interviews, diaries, letters/emails autobiograpthy.

6. Secondary soureces are evidence that comes from a later date. Example biograpthy, movies, tv or radio, internet, history books.

7. Opinions= historians have to separate fact from opion.

8. Bias = favour one side or another.

9. 1.Where 2.when 3. Why 4. Whom

10. Accuracy= Right or wrong facts.

11. Exaggeration= making the event appear more important.

12. Time and place= (forgotton details from age)

13. Propaganda= information used to in fluence peoples opinions.