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Clay Marble by Mind Map: Clay Marble
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Clay Marble


Pls hurry up and update your findings. Other grps have completed !





1. Rep typical male authority.

2. Responsible

3. Optimistic


1. Epitome of male pride

2. Self-centred



1. Kind

2. Responsible

3. Optimistic

4. Maturity of thought

5. Very strong character


Stay same through out novel


General Info

12 years old

First Person Narrator

Sister of Sarun


Observant, Very aware of things around her, P 58 "..a thin little girl in a tattered dress/ waiting for her mother" but " Nobody paid any attention to her"

Lack Confidence, Jantu had to make clay marbles to give her a sense of confidence

Determined, didn't give up her search for help, p 71 "Tomorrow, I promised myself, I will go on looking", Strong will power

Compassionate/ responsible, won't leave people in lurch



Mature, Felt sorry for Chnay, Could understand Chnay's circumstances now


Study Guide 1

Study Guide 2

Review 1

Overview of book

Lab Tasks

Form 4 groups of 10; Appoint leader(s); choose a Clay marble character to research.

Dara, Wanqi, Angeline, Pete, Mabel, Qiqi, Mary, PJ, Rose, May, Zhili

Jantu, Student 1

Sarun, Student 1

Chnay, Student 1

Refer to resource and your study guides for information on your respective characters

Refer to your secret notes too!

Each character group is given ppt notes on their respective characters.  

Expand the mind map accordingly

Limit of 7 words per node

Unless adding quotes

Within your groups you can further split into groups of 5 and split the work load