DW - FftF Job Description

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DW - FftF Job Description by Mind Map: DW - FftF Job Description

1. Director of Creative Technicals

1.1. Design

1.1.1. Layout Audience Guests Host Placement

1.1.2. Look The Set Furniture Carpeting Set Dressing Big Screen Smaller Screens Lighting Camera Placement relative to guests & host relative to audience relative to set dressing

1.1.3. Organisational Flow Setting up, Running Rehearsals Coordinating with IT Crew Source them Organise who does what when Manage New node

1.1.4. Programme Flow Order of proceedings Prior On the Day

1.1.5. Physical Flow Camera/Lighting Gear Computers for different purposes Cables On-Set Elements (see "Design" above)

1.1.6. Data Flow Design and implement technical setup for... Streaming Multiple cameras 3 graphics computers Skype computer Twitterfall computer

1.2. Arrange

1.2.1. Liase Unitec Marketing Advance Programme Info Exterior Banners On-Set Unitec/FTF Banners re: Lobby catering details External Publicist Facilitating outside media Last-minute pre-show guest information pre or post-show interviews of guests or host IT bandwidth allocation guest/audience login supplied streaming set up facility date availability space cleared for our needs audience seating supplied set up time in advance ability to leave some gear there between shows Technical Office Camera/Sound gear Lighting gear Computers available proper cableage & adapters sound requirements Plasma monitors & cableage

1.3. Implement

1.3.1. Work with Key Personnel Setup crew Lighting Set Installation & dressing Audience seating Cable running Backroom Setup Technical Supervisor managing crew ensuring all camera settings aligned liasing with Vision Mixer about setup details ensuring all cabling is set up properly supervise wrap-out Vision Mixer ensure smooth flow of programme visual look and priorities Cam Ops Operating strategy/aesthetic Graphics person Graphics slides lower third titles other visual sources Sound Recordist Information Wrangler incoming emails twitter feeds of note Skype caller screening Host programme order eHost protocols eHost monitoring incoming correspondence which to take to host, and when Production Manager guests all informed of tech details guest photos, job titles, properly spelled names supplied equipment procurement requests implemented art department requirements met callsheets issued crew here when they need to be crew fed