Analytical Exposition Text

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Analytical Exposition Text by Mind Map: Analytical Exposition Text

1. Definition

1.1. Text that elaborates the writer's idea about the phenomenon surronding

2. Generic Structure

2.1. Thesis

2.1.1. Introducing the topic and indicating the writer's point of view

2.2. Argument

2.2.1. Explaining the argument to supportthe writer's position

2.3. Reiteration

2.3.1. Restating the writer's point of view/to strengthen the thesis

3. Characteristics/Language Feature

3.1. Relational process

3.2. Internal conjunction

3.3. Casual conjunction

3.4. Simple present tense

3.5. Compound and complex sentence

3.6. Word that link argument

4. Example

4.1. Cars should be banned in the city

4.2. Is smooking good for us?

4.3. Controlling children using computer

4.4. Why is it important to choose the accredited school?

5. Purpose

5.1. To convince the reader that the topics presented was an important topic to be discussed or gained attention by way of providing arguments or opinions that support the main idea