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Research methods and Data analysis I by Mind Map: Research methods and Data analysis I
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Research methods and Data analysis I


Many technologies used

Students study every week

Due to regular exercises and tests, students keep up and do not leave all study load for the final exam.

Students are active during the lectures

Because of the use of clickers (research methods) and SPSS (data analysis) in the lectures, the students are actually doing something, and are more involved.


Students might get lost in technology

Many of the technologies used are new to the students. Good introduction is needed in order to get them acquainted to them.

Increasing teacher workload

This year, I only teach data analysis. Next year, I teach the complete module. Although this ensures a perfect match between both parts, it obliges me to work in an efficient way.

Course disappears

In 2013/2014 the programme will be restructured and the course will cease to exist. Excessive investment of time in development is therefore not worthwhile.


Some technologies not used

Students encounter problems installing SPSS

Without SPSS, students cannot practice during the lectures and, more importantly, cannot do the homework assignments. Some only communicate their problems during lectures.

No feeling of a community

The group is large and I see little signs that the students act as a community.

Excessive e-mail communication

I spend lots of time answering e-mails, in which often the exact same questions are asked. I also feel that some students still have the question, but do not write me.


Implementing unused technologies

Extending used technologies