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medical consent by Mind Map: medical consent
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medical consent




Taking permission from the patient, - Informing the patient of the options, - Giving him sufficient information to decide, - Only by the attending physician


Autonomy, - Deciding what to be done to your body, - Basic human right, - Your decision, no matter how ridiculous!


Every time you touch a patient!

Types of consent, Implied, Express, Oral, written, Better for documentation, A must for, Surgery, Breast biopsy, HIV test, in vitro fertilization, - Valid for 30 days., - Can be taken months in advance (example: chemotherapy)



No consent

Emergency, - Life threatening situation, - Possible serious health impairment, - Impossible to obtain the patient's consent, - It's presumed that treatment is wanted., - Unless there are directions in advance

Extension Doctrine, - Unexpected additional care, - Not convent to take a new consent, - Preceding consent is extended, Unless:, It may affect reproduction, Patient previously refused care

Consent from others

minors, - Under 15 years old (Hijri), - The guardian or custodian decides, - Must act in the best interest of the minor, - Minor's wishes have to be considered, - Court may take over the guardianship

incompetence, - Inability to make in informed decision, - Inability to comprehend the risks and benefits, - Communication issues are NOT under this criteria., - Guardian required (substituted consent), - Sometimes court order also required, Case study (true or false)

court order, - Example of a single dad refusing treatment

Components of Informed Consent



- Ability to understand and explain the options

- Ability to give reasons to choose an option instead of the other


- The right to refuse, regardless of the reason

Religion, skepticism, other..


explanation, Introduction, - Introducing yourself, - Diagnosis, - Name of the advised treatment, Explaining, - Nature and purpose of the treatment, Benefits and risks of treatment, Alternatives, - Other options for treatment, - May include their risks and benefits too, consequences of refusing the treatment, - The right to refuse treatment, - Consequences of that right (serious injury, death), - May have to sign AMA form (against medical advice)