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Sermon Easter 5B 5/6/12 by Mind Map: Sermon Easter 5B 5/6/12
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Sermon Easter 5B 5/6/12

READ JOHN 15:1-8

Forms of Technology Change

Media today vs when I went to college 1980

FB valued $85 B / bought Instagram $1B

Forms of Work Change

Jobs shorter / Consultant culture

Your job vs Your calling

Forms of Spiritual Maturity change

Your Confirmation Class was a marker not a destination

Monk story / disciple fed him

Monk eat @ disc home / DOG / Monk: Don't get too attached to a particular form / (Spiritual stage of development)

Abiding in the Vine

Go with the flow but stay grounded in the Spiirt

Introd: Graduating seniors / EdX - Harvard + MIT