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Digital Curation by Mind Map: Digital Curation
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Digital Curation



Content Curation Primer

International Journal of Digital Curation


Delicious: Digital Curation

Delicious: Pinterest Clones

Pearltrees: Digital Curation Digital Curation for Education


Content Curation: Classroom Applications

iPad Apps for Digital Curation

LOC: There are more tools for digital curation than you might think


Google Spreadsheet



Aggregation versus selection

Annotation, Metadata, discoverability


Topic focused community

sharing OR social OR collaborative OR personal / restricted

Tech features

Media types supported



Devices, Mobile, Desktop



Academic objects, Research articles, Data, Citations, Individuals, Tools

Personal, Recipes, Home repair tutorials


Libations, Assigned topics, Presenting, Google Jockeys, Professor review, Gamification: Points, leveling

Collection types, Readings, Quotations, Illustrations, Media

Team projects, DIY "books", Process timelines

Collections and tips for teaching other students


Designing personal news feeds

Contribute to the wider web


What is it?

Definitions, Free Dictionary (Curatorial), One who manages or oversees, as the administrative director of a museum collection or a library., Legal guardian, Overseer, Cure & Curative, Care, Seattle Public Utilities: About the Habitat Conservation Plan, The process and procedure for evaluating, storing, documenting and archiving culturally significant material, including artifacts, documents, maps and oral histories., Wiktionary, The act of curating, of organizing and maintaining a collection of artworks or artifacts; The act of curing or healing; The manual updating of information in a database, Your Tech, "Curation: if you don't have much to say yourself, don't worry: copy and paste what others are saying. This is a new, valuable service all on its own called 'curation'. It's easy to do (but is highly skillful also, got that?)."

Can refer to, items, objects, data, collections, management, husbandry, preservation

Digital curation, As We May Think. Vannevar Bush, Curation Nation, "It used to be we surfed the web. Now the waves of the web are just too big. Curation is the new magic that makes the web work. Bringing the web back to human scale with human filters you trust and love. A powerful mix of passion and context turns noise back into signal." Steven Rosenbaum, TEDxGrandRapids - Steve Rosenbaum - Innovate: Curation!, 7 Days in September, Curators Gonna Curate, Why Content Curation is Here to Stay, Search versus selection, Algorithms versus people, Creators versus collectors


Curators Code

Curate Camp

The Secret Selfish Side of Social Curation Sites