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Future concept by Mind Map: Future concept

1. Maturing Chinese tourism

1.1. travels abroad

1.2. more variety inland

1.3. over-saturation with mass tourism

2. Shrinking Market for MT

2.1. Loss of jobs

2.2. abandoned infrastructure

2.2.1. due to high-impact interventions

2.2.2. cannot be "unbuilt"

2.3. $$$ monoculture

2.3.1. leaves people with no choice

2.4. unable to bring back authentic experience to be actual

3. Solution

3.1. Sustainability

3.1.1. through Flexibility low-impact interventions architectural landscape cultural multi-purpose facilities

3.1.2. Extremely fast shifts b/w Phases Fast Dai Modular Fast Skyscrapers

3.1.3. Long-Term Planning Phase 1.: Initial facilities Preserve Dai villages City green Construct New Infrastructure