Web 2.0 and its implications for Learning

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Web 2.0 and its implications for Learning by Mind Map: Web 2.0 and its implications for Learning

1. We as "Connected Educators" should understand and interact with learner's thinking through creating a meaningful learning environment using these technological instructments.

1.1. Curriculum Documents/ Reading documents shared on LMS

1.1.1. Imagine

1.2. Video Conferences (Lecture show ideas - stir up imaginations among learners)

1.2.1. Imagine

1.3. Chat room/ online discussion forum (fostering idea brainstorming)

1.3.1. Create & Share

1.4. Blogs/ Wikis (sharing interests by lecturers as well as learners)

1.4.1. Create & Play & Share & Reflect

1.5. Collaborative Mind Map (brainstorming idea social learning)

1.5.1. Create & Play & Share & Reflect

1.6. Social Bookmarking (sharing interests)

1.6.1. Create & Play & Share & Reflect

1.7. Popular Media (Youtube sharing lecture videos online)

1.7.1. Create & Play & Share & Reflect

1.8. Digital Photo Sharing (real-life class room experiences share and comment by learners)

1.8.1. Create & Play & Share & Reflect

1.9. Social Networking (Twitter synchronising with online classroom; Pinterest/ Scoop.it sharing interests visually online among learners)

1.9.1. Create & Play & Share & Reflect

1.10. Community/ Colleagues (Because resources are online, communities and colleagues from work can access these ideas freely, practically applied to the real world (or to the project)

1.10.1. Connected - Professional Learning