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Message Solving by Mind Map: Message Solving

1. Start CSS

1.1. CSS Inbox Authorizations

1.1.1. Role :- B_:AP_CMSG in CUP ( Note no. 128087

1.2. Types of Messages

1.2.1. Customer Message

1.2.2. Internal Message

1.2.3. IT Support Message

1.3. Inbox Overview ( Processing By Me)

1.3.1. With Very High Prio

1.3.2. For Processing

1.3.3. My Components

1.3.4. Customer Action

1.3.5. Completed Today

1.4. CSS Work Assignment

1.4.1. CSS -> Go To Menu -> Assign Work Centre -> Message Type : Customer Message -> Support Org : IMS Development Support

1.5. CSS Monitor

1.5.1. Work Monitor Work Priority (WPrio) Customer Contract (CP) Ramp-up Flag (RU) Message Priority (Priority) MPT - %Used & Expiry MPT APT TSLR Component Message No. Processor Customer Name Short Text Escalation (ESC) Remote Connection (RC) Line Opener Program (LOP) Maintain Status Action Plan Action Plan created but not sent to customer OR Action Plan not created. Action Plan created, send to the customer and no next due date, or AP has been fulfilled Action Plan created and send to the customer Action Plan is on customer action Action Plan Date & Time Message Status (Status) No. of Processors (NoP) Calls from Customer (Calls) Please Call (PC) Message Reopened (Re) Processing & Planned Organization

1.6. Developer Availability Transparency (DAT)

1.6.1. Display Employees by Component Show Component wise developers

1.7. Notification Service

1.7.1. Inbox -> Notification Service MPT Exceedence TSLR Exceedence Filters Customer Message Note

1.7.2. Notification Destination

1.8. Out Of Office (OOO)

1.8.1. Transaction /nSSC1 Blocks Select -> Set to Vacation

1.8.2. Substitute Developer

1.9. Message Processing Delay

1.9.1. Open Message -> Edit -> Log Function -> Processing Delay

2. Message Handling Process

2.1. New node

3. Very High Message Handling Process

4. Message Escalation

5. Supporting Process

5.1. New node