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Xander King by Mind Map: Xander King

1. He loves making movies but he wishes he still lived in his old house to make them with his friends

2. He doesn't like living in this creepy house.

3. I thinkl Xander misses his best friends alot but still has 2 at his new house becasue he tells his dad and David(his brother) everything.

4. He is the oldest kid in his family

5. some things about Xander you might not know is he has a brother and sister named David( his brother)and Tori(his sister).

6. He doesn't think there is anything interesting about this new house or place until he finds creepy stuff going on so he starts to record his brother and family

7. Xander King is an Adverge 13 year old boy!

8. Xander is a Strong hearted person who has fun. When Xander does his videos he has more of his peronality in to them. Xander acts like every thing is all right and can say anything to anyone but when it come to keeping secerts... He can do that too.