Different Media Technologies used.

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Different Media Technologies used. by Mind Map: Different Media Technologies used.

1. Creating the final product

1.1. Filming

1.1.1. Sony HDV 1000 Video Camera We used this video camera to shoot Roommates. It allowed us to shoot in 1080i, High definition quality.

1.1.2. Zoom H4 Recorder We used this for the voice over of Dale inviting katie to meet him.

1.1.3. Boom mic I would have liked to have used a boom mic in our film more. We used it for one scene to try and focus sound.

1.2. Editing

1.2.1. Final cut express This was already installed on the imacs and having access to it in the first year allowed me to already have experience when it came to editing this years project on this software.

1.2.2. Livetype This software was used to create the titles for Roommates. We used 2 effects for the opening titles, these were: Static and Fade away. We applied a 'scroll up and fade' effect to the ending credits.

1.2.3. CDs We looked through many CD's that had sound effects and genre related music on. Until we finally came across 3 that were used in our final project.

1.2.4. Free Music Archive This is a website that a friend of min introduced me to. It allowed us to search through genres of music. I found 2 tracks on here that are used in our final product. Kellee maize and rasberry bulbs!

1.3. Audience input

1.3.1. Facebook Facebook was our main website used for audience feedback.

1.3.2. Youtube We used this to export our draft and final product of our film.

2. Planning

2.1. Create story ideas

2.1.1. Google We discussed several however finally chose roommates

2.2. Treatement

2.2.1. Blogger This established what roommates was going to be about

2.3. Character Profiles

2.3.1. Facebook Allocated actors/actresses for Roommates

2.4. Script

2.4.1. Celtex Directs the scene and characters, This was changed several times.

2.5. Storyboard

2.5.1. Sketchedup for an idea of how the film will look

2.6. Shooting script

2.6.1. Blogger a detailed plan of shots to be used

2.7. Research into other short films production/ideas

2.7.1. Youtube analysing a short film

2.7.2. Google Understanding short film distributors (e.g.Shorts)

3. Research

3.1. Genre

3.1.1. wikipedia The generic conventions of a psychological horror

3.1.2. Google

3.1.3. Imdb

3.2. Audience

3.2.1. Microsoft Word for Mac 20011(Questionnaire) Understanding the requirements for our target demographic

3.3. Similar film ideas (and their posters)

3.3.1. Youtube Comparing these films to roommates

3.3.2. Imdb Seeing if they challenge the generic conventions of Horror

3.4. Horror film Posters

3.4.1. Google Typical features of a horror poster, which credits are included.

3.5. Horror film radio trailers

3.5.1. Youtube Typical features of a radio trailer for a horror film

3.5.2. Google

3.6. Research into shots and lighting

3.6.1. Youtube New node

3.6.2. Videomaker.com Filming in the dark

3.7. Horror music research

3.7.1. CDs Eerie sound effects

3.7.2. Youtube Understanding non diegetic/ diegetic audio

3.8. Film Promotion

3.8.1. Google Research different ways to promote a film and also companies that promote a film

3.8.2. Youtube Viral advertisements