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Keyboarding by Mind Map: Keyboarding

1. Students will be able to demonstrate proper reach, technique and hand placement in order to achieve higher speed and accuracy.

2. memo

2.1. a memo is used for internal communication used by buisness companies.

2.2. used for commuication inside a organization.

2.3. contains a header and a body.

2.4. usually short.

2.5. typed and printed out.

2.6. used to make requests, annnouncements.

3. letter

3.1. a letter is used to address a certain type of topic or issue.

3.2. used when writing from one buisness to another.

3.3. one characteristic of a letter is the date shows when the letter was finished.

3.4. write out the month completely.

3.5. senders name is not required.

3.6. used professionally in a company.

4. email

4.1. a email is used to commuicate with co workers and putting cc on it helps no one else see it except for you and the other person.

4.2. more efficient than traditional mail.

4.3. short and straight to the point.

4.4. cover one topic.

4.5. informal.

4.6. inexpensive. comes with the internet.

5. students will learn how to properly format buisness documents.

6. report

6.1. a report is used as a reference with a little of explaition .

6.2. can be very great in length, content, format.

6.3. must be clear.

6.4. means term paper.

6.5. give facts.

6.6. used mainly for communication.