The reference tree helps to tag or categorize most backgammon reference positions.

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Position by Mind Map: Position

1. Cubedecision

1.1. Contact

1.1.1. Opening Blitz Position

1.1.2. Middlegame Holding Game Backgame Crunched Game Blitz Running Game Priming Game

1.1.3. Endgame

1.2. Race

1.2.1. long

1.2.2. middle

1.2.3. short

1.2.4. very short

1.2.5. epc

2. Checkerplay

2.1. Contact

2.1.1. Opening Hit vs. Point Split vs. Builder Split vs. Slot Doubles

2.1.2. Middlegame Holding Game Pay now vs later Clearing Points Backgame Hit vs. Wait Timing Crunched Game Get Another Outfield Control Trap Play Bearoff against few Blitz Attack Consolidate Run Running Game Save vs. Bold Clearing Points Priming Game Timing MrMore Keep Backchecker Survival Game Actionplay Save vs Bold

2.1.3. Endgame Bearin Bearoff Stay vs. Run

2.2. Race

2.2.1. Bearin

2.2.2. Bearoff